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the Podcast

In many circles, health and fitness is all about achieving "the look." 

Call it the "Broadway Body" or blame it on Instagram influencers. Even if you reject the idea of fitness being about "the look," it's easy to still get stuck judging your self worth based on the mirror or the scale.

After all, it's what we've grown up in. It's how we're conditioned.

The listeners of The Fit and Healthy Artist have a deep desire for holistic wellness (meaning whole-life, full in body and mind.) Wellness that extends from fitness to nutrition to artistry to activism. 

These are big, wide-ranging topics. We can't solve racism in a day. The same way we can't create unapologetic body love or flawless technique at the gym in a day either. 

So we start. Piece by piece. Conversation by conversation. 

Each episode of The Fit and Healthy Artist brings you one specific topic. Followed by a range of ideas, concepts, and solutions. The goal is to get you one more piece of the puzzle. 

And to keep encouraging you to continue on the journey. It's worth it and you're worth it. 


the Host

Ryan is a professional actor based in New York City, as well as an online nutrition and fitness coach with his own business, Green Fitness and Health. Ryan's personal "why" is to instill pride in ourselves for who we are now and who we dream to be, so that we can find validation, not just on the outside, but in all parts of our lives.

Ryan is also a passionate martial arts practitioner in Muay Thai, Jeet Kun Do, and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. His nerd side encompasses all things video games, fantasy, and anime.

For more information about Ryan as a nutrition and fitness coach, check out, and for more information about Ryan as an actor, check out